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Track Your Pets With The Affordable, Hi-Tech QR Code Pet tag April 13 2014

PetQ introduces the range of QR code tags to provide extra protection to your favorite pets. The effective QR code pet tag is well equipped to store your multiple contact details along with the important information about the pets. This amazing QR code tag is specially designed to assist you in case of emergency.

The QR id tag is compatible with any smart phone, which works amazingly in critical situations, especially when the pet is missing. The finder of the pet can easily access to the required information through the QR code dog tag to reach up to you.

The PetQ ID tag is a must have to complete the profile of a pet. It is specially designed by the best professionals of the market. The feature loaded tag can also be visited online. Besides that, PetQ has been extremely careful about maintaining the affordability factor to the tag. In fact, this tag costs you the same, like a normal tag!

This is an easily manageable tag, which can be conveniently used.  The aluminum tag base offers longer durability, compared to other tags. The best part of this QR code tag is, it provides GPS notification, at the time of viewing the profile. This helps you to know the exact location of the lovely pet. Added to that, PetQ has programmed the QR tag in an intelligent way, so that it maintains your complete privacy and you have the option to enable or disable information that going to be public. Moreover, the user friendly QR tag can be used for multiple pets from the single account. This super hi-tech and affordable tag can be accessed from any location on 24/7 basis.

The highly effective QR tag has helped many pet owners in relocating their pets and managing them. Rose Jones is a regular user of this tag for both her pets. She says, “I have got 2 pets, back in my home. The multiple user QR tag helps me to manage both of them in a perfect way. I let them play freely in that parks and gardens without being skeptical, just because, I know, that they have extra protection with the qr code and the critical information it's linked, through this hi-tech tag.”


For more information, please visit: http://petq.me

QR Codes – The Best Alternative/Addition to Microchipping March 17 2014

QR Codes are growing in popularity all around the world, it is very widely used and is showing up on everything right from chewing gums, newspaper ads, pricing cards and restaurant menus. QR codes are now used even on dogs’ and cats’ identification tags and collars.

QR Code:

It is the abbreviated form of Quick Response code, and it is a 2-dimensional bar code created by Toyota back in the late 1990s. It was initially created for tracking the automotive parts efficiently, ever since they have been growing in popularity all around the world. With tech majors like Google and Microsoft adopting these codes extensively, they are now literally universal.

This now brings us to the application of QR codes in the pet industry. Using a QR code tag and a smart phone together can help people to get their pets home faster and safer. Using QR codes instead of microchips is a far better and cost effective way of protecting your pets.

Use of Microchipping:

The microchips usually RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) are inserted beneath the skin of the pet. These chips are usually inserted in the loose skin around the neck region of your pet. An external scanner can scan for the chip; the chip will carry all the information about the owner. The scanner can easily find the personal information of the owner. Though most pet shelters and vets carry such a scanner, a rescuer might not be aware of it and might not take a strange pet to a pet shelter or a vet. Though there are few people who are willing to go that extra mile in taking the pets to a pet shelter, but they are rare ones and not the norm.

Another major issue with microchips is the variety, with 4 different types of microchips we need 4 different scanners, and the modern scanner which can identify all the 4 types of chips are really expensive. So, even after microchipping, you may lose your pet because the chip may go undetected due to a wrong type of scanner.

Only 3% of pets are microchipped. Pet owners refrain from microchipping because they are expensive, carries an annual fee and pet owners often object to the idea of implanting a chip in to their companion.

Finally, even among those 3% pets (which are microchipped), 58% of the data in the microchip is outdated making it impossible to contact the owners. Despite all these drawbacks, the one advantage of opting for a microchip is they won’t fall off like a collar could and they have saved a lot of pets in the past

QR Code Pet ID Tags Vs Microchips

QR codes are fast, easy and carry a lot of data. QR codes come in two forms, the pet ID tags and the Collar Embedded codes. The pet ID tags are just like a typical tag that hangs on the pet’s existing collars. A qr code dog tag provided by PetQ would cost you less than $20 and carry all information and the pet profile in it. It also carries information like special dietary requirement of your pet. The rescuer just needs a smart phone to get all the information required. Today over 50% of the US population carry a smart phone capable of scanning a QR code. Most new devices come with the scanning software pre-installed.

You can easily update your personal information in the manufacturer’s website. Even if you have microchipped your pet, you can still opt for a QR code pet ID as it provides additional protection for your pets.


Pets are very important factor in our lives. If you own a pet you can relate and understand that out little fury beasts are sometimes as much part of our lives as our close ones. We treat pets as our family members and sometimes they even need more attention from us than our partners. However, not everything is blissful with pets. Be it a dog or a cat or any other pet, all animals have a tendency to discover the world around them, which might prompt them to wander off without us knowing – and they get lost. Retrieving a lost pet is in many ways a laborious and emotional strain. Here we will try to help you find your pets faster and with higher success rate with the use of QR tag for pets.

Every dog owner will know of how important it is for a dog to wear a collar if it is lost. With QR tag we are not revolutionizing how pets are found, we merely help speed up the process and save you emotional stress. Pet tag or QR tag, such as for example dog tag or cat tag, is a nifty way of using modern day technology to solve the age old problem. If you are not familiar with QR code tag you don’t have to worry – it is a pretty straight forward and safe technology. QR code is usually a tag on different products that contain information about particular products. For example if you are interested in information about a television in your local store, you simple take a picture with your smart phone of the QR code that every television has, and it will immediately show you information about that television. Versatile QR code is widely used, and can work especially well with finding a lost pet. Petq.me is a good example of how this technology works.

The principle is very simple. You put a QR code dog tag or QR code cat tag on your dog’s or cat’s collar. If the poor fellow gets lost, anybody can scan the QR tag when he sees the pet and tells where the pet was found. The QR pet tag contains all information about the pet – that includes the pet’s medication & dietary needs, and multiple contact information of you as an owner. In such a way, someone who finds your dog for example doesn’t considers it as a stray animal, but by getting information from QR dog tag can take care of your dog and contact you directly. With equipping your pet with a QR code you increase the likelihood of finding your pet because all the different people that see the animal can help you out. On the other hand, if you see a cat with a QR code pet tag you can also scan the QR code, get information on the owner and contact him. It is a great way to make someone’s day, as you can imagine they will be very happy and relieved that their pet was found. Apart from the QR code, Petq.me also provides personalized tags that have your pet’s name and your number laser engraved on the back of the tag.

QR tag technology for QR pet tagging is on the rise and offers great benefits for very little additional work. With QR code you just have to equip your pet with the code, create an online profile of the pet leaving your contact information and you can sleep safely knowing that your have the best chances of finding your pet if it gets lost. The simple reality of having pets is that they will tend to go wander off and the best way to get prepared for that is by using QR code and tagging the pet and counting on good people to help you find it. The age of dog posters is over; the age of QR tagged pets is just beginning.